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Anthurium nabat delivery Egypt plants

Anthurium FAMILY: ARACEAE ORIGIN: CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA Anthurium hybrids an-THUR-i-um ANTHURIUM, FLAMINGO FLOWER THE COLORFUL, WAXY, HEART-SHAPED SPATHES of anthurium, which are often seen in cut-flower arrangements, are the reward for growing this tropical plant. Older anthuriums were temperamental, but advances in inbreeding in the last few decades have resulted in plants that are […]

Essential Tips for Keeping Your Houseplants Healthy


If you’re a new plant parent, all of the care that goes into keeping your houseplants happy can feel a little overwhelming at first. However, most of your plants won’t need constant attention to stay healthy. Other than remembering to water, there are plenty of easy-care houseplants that will only need a little maintenance a […]

Why Is My Peace Lily Turning Black? (Causes+Solution)

Belonging to the tropical rainforests of America, Peace Lily is a common houseplant with luscious green foliage and white flowers. However, it is sad and frustrating when these dark green leaves lose their color and turn black. But why is your peace lily turning black? Let’s find out. Peace Lily leaves turn black mainly due […]

7 Reasons Your Peace Lily Leaves Are Turning Yellow & How To Fix It

water-peace-lily nabatdelivery

Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum wallisii) are elegant and magnificent plants known to thrive indoors or in shadier spots in your garden. They’re extremely popular, not only for their luscious green leaves and soft white flowers but for their easy-going nature. As intricate as they look, they’re wonderful plants for beginner gardeners. They thrive in low light […]