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Anthurium nabat delivery Egypt plants

Anthurium FAMILY: ARACEAE ORIGIN: CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA Anthurium hybrids an-THUR-i-um ANTHURIUM, FLAMINGO FLOWER THE COLORFUL, WAXY, HEART-SHAPED SPATHES of anthurium, which are often seen in cut-flower arrangements, are the reward for growing this tropical plant. Older anthuriums were temperamental, but advances in inbreeding in the last few decades have resulted in plants that are […]

Indoor Gardening 5 Of The Easiest Indoor Plants You Can Grow

Window corner full of house plants

 Gardening 5 Of The Easiest  You Can Grow African Violet This indoor plants love sunlight so keep it in an area with a lot of bright light, ideally on a table by a window. Water the plant with room temperature water only when the soil is dried out for best results. Prune it by removing […]