How to Care for a Royal Poinciana Tree nabatdelivery

Royal Poinciana

poinciana also called flamboyant tree or peacock tree, strikingly beautiful flowering tree of the pea family (Fabaceae). It is native to Madagascar, and it has been widely planted in frost-free regions for its large scarlet to orange flowers and its shade. It is a rapid grower, attaining a height of 6 to 12 meters (20 to 40 feet), and bears compound leaves that reach 30 to 60 cm (1 to 2 feet) in length. The fruit is a flat woody legume, up to 60 cm (2 feet) long

Planting Instructions for Royal Poinciana
Royal Poinciana

Poinciana tree

The Poinciana Tree The Poinciana Tree
Poinciana regia is a tree native to Madagascar, belongs to the leguminoideae family, under the Caesalpinioideae family, and is called in English Flame boyant, meaning “flames” in reference to its large red flowers with a yellow tinge (like a flame) and forming a crown above it, and it is said that it is a poison To the ruler of the Antilles in the seventeenth century. Its flowers appear before the appearance of the leaves and sometimes in conjunction with the appearance of the leaves, spreading non-thorny branches and reaching a height of 15 meters. There is a wild type of these trees in the south and west of the Kingdom and it is called Poinciant elata.

Poinsettia tree care

Note that the poinciana does not bloom until it reaches the age of 10 years.

How to Care for a Royal Poinciana Tree nabatdelivery
Poinciana Tree

Propagation of the Poinciana tree

They multiply by seeds and the date of planting them is in March and April, where after a month it reaches 15 cm in length, and before planting the seeds, the thickness of the seed coat must be reduced, which prevents water from entering the fetus, and you can remove the cover in your own way so that it does not affect the fetus inside, as it is very sensitive, for example Nail scissors can be used to bite off the seed coat from one end so that the embryo appears healthy, and everyone has their own way. The flowers bloom with the onset of summer.

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