Moataz Beallah With an extensive background in Landscape Irrigation engineer

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  • Kassem landscaping Alburouj project manager
  • Kassem Landscaping Senior irrigation engineer Mivida New Cairo.
  • Land Masters Executive irrigation engineer 1000 villas constructions Madinaty
  • Ain Shams University Executive irrigation engineer Tree Forests
  • Zaid Alhussain and his brothers / Saudi Arabia Executive irrigation engineer El fayhaa Riyadh South and West Mecca
  • Orient Irrigation Executive irrigation engineer Mr.Abd El Aziz Villa 6 October City Captin Hady Villas Gamait Oraby Engineer Hossam Villa New cairo


Expertise: Irrigation
Education: AutoCAD 2D
Education: Rain CAD 2018
Education: Hunter Product Specialist ( ACC and ACC Decoder & I-Core and Dual & Hydrawise ) .
Education: Hunter Product Expert ( Advanced Controllers & Decoder Systems Workshop ) .
Location: Cairo City, Egypt

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