Albizia lebbeck Tree

Albizia lebbeck Tree

The ficus tree is scientifically called Albizia lebbeck. This genus belongs to the leguminoideae family, under the alopecia family, Mimosoideae, and includes several species that may reach 150 species, and these types include trees, shrubs and some climbers, its growth is fast, and the height of the tree may reach 12 meters. It blooms in the summer, and its flowers smell good, and the most important characteristic of it is its resistance to drought and thirst. Its original home is India, extending from the Himalayas to Burma, and our plant here is called the Ficus or Pasha’s chin, and its names are Silk Tree, it can be used as a shade tree and its wood is good for several uses such as furniture, fuel for heating, and its soft leaves and branches are suitable as fodder for animals.

Take care lebbeck

A drought-resistant plant that tolerates thirst and extreme heat, such as the atmosphere in central Saudi Arabia; Therefore, care for it in its early growth is limited to providing water and fertilizing two to three times a year with local fertilizer, protecting it from strong winds, and planting it at the right time in late winter or late autumn to provide it with an appropriate atmosphere and time until its roots are strong and its roots spread and it is able to reach the ground, then it is limited Taking care of it on irrigation, and if you want to fertilize it, that is good two to three times a year, and do not forget that even if the plant does not need special care, taking care of it improves its appearance and growth in general, than if it is not taken care of.


It reproduces by cuttings from the stem or root at the beginning of summer, and it reproduces by seeds in February and March, noting that the seeds must be treated with sulfuric acid for a quarter of an hour and then washed well for half an hour, or by soaking the seeds for several hours in hot water, and this would Accelerate germination because it decomposes the seed coat (the shortening) and thus allows the embryo to germinate quickly.

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