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Corner of Excellence pots

Rownda Sears

2,650 EGP

Gardening and Watering equipments

Planting Pressure Sprayer 2L, White

146 EGP

Corner of Excellence pots


1,950 EGP
300 EGP

Artificial Plants

Areca Palm ( small size)

995 EGP


Jade Plant

100 EGP
400 EGP

Corner of Excellence pots


From 2,200 EGP

Corner of Excellence pots


From 2,100 EGP

Artificial Plants

Areca Palm

1,125 EGP
65 EGP
From 250 EGP

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Rawan Bassam nabatdelivery

Their plants are really good and they bring lively vibes wherever they are placed. GREAT JOB YOU GUYS♥

Rawan Bassam / Startup Haus

Amazing flowers, thanks so much for the gift, very good service, I’m fully satisfied and will order from you again and again. 👍🏻When I ordered before from other servicesthey took 7-10 days to deliver order and they also have high shipping fees – 110 egp while Nabat has only 50 egp! So I’m definitely gonna become your regular customer😉 Thanks a lot Nabat team , I’m looking forward for my next order🌿🌻🌺🌳🌼🌷👍👍👍🌅🏡

Olga Botsan
Rasha Abdel Wahab nabatdelivery

Amazing products and fast delivery

Rasha Abdel Wahab
Faten Naim nabatdelivery

Beautiful plants, very good prices and perfect service.

Thank you so much.

Faten Naim